About Us

About Us

The PriorityPay Plus® Automated Payment Plan (the “Payment Plan” or “Plan”) is issued through Metropolitan Commercial Bank (“MCB”), member FDIC and administered by TCCI. The Plan is marketed and distributed by Uptempo Marketing Corp. (“Uptempo”).

All information provided in any calculator, illustration, or example is provided for illustrative purposes only and is only an estimate, the validity of which is dependent upon the quality of the information that you provide. Any potential Biweekly Payment, potential payoff, potential payoff date, and potential interest savings is an estimate only and will be impacted by a number of factors including, but not limited to, changes in your loan amount or monthly payment, any missed payments, the interest rate associated with your loan, whether or not you hold the loan to maturity or pay off early, and the Plan fees. Please refer to the PriorityPay Plus® Automated Payment Plan Agreement for a complete list of terms and conditions as well as the fees associated with the Plan. Please see full Fee Schedule for all applicable fees.

MCB will initiate Debits from Your Designated Account 2-3 days prior to any payment being due to Your Lender so that the funds will have time to clear. Each month, MCB will pay Your Lender the applicable Loan amount in a manner to avoid late fees.

Even though MCB will debit your payments from your financial institution (bank account) on a bi-weekly or other basis as instructed by you, MCB will typically only make regular payments to your lenders or payees on your behalf on a monthly basis by the due date or within the payment grace period. Extra payments that MCB collects from you as a result of the 26 bi-weekly payments (if you are on a bi-weekly payment Plan) will typically be forwarded to your lender or payee twice per year once the enrollment fee has been deducted from such extra payments.

Our strength and success is attributable to our mission...to offer the best service available to help our clients take control of their monthly budget. A superior staff includes our professional, knowledgeable and caring customer service reps who go above the call to assist our clients and partners in any situation that may arise.

In these difficult financial times, PriorityPay Plus® can make an enormous difference in changing the lives of so many Americans!