About Us

About You

The PriorityPay Plus® Plan is all about what it can do for YOU...

  • Electronic debiting makes it easy for you to meet your monthly obligations
  • Various Debit Schedules to choose from... Weekly, Biweekly, Twice-Monthly, Monthly... which allows you to match your Debits to your pay days
  • Structured program provides discipline to keep you on budget and on track
  • Automatic payments made to your lenders and providers without your having to write checks or go online to initiate paying bills every month
  • Timely payments keep you worry-free
  • Potential to accelerate the payoff of your debt and reduce the total interest paid
  • Ranks multiple debts by highest interest rate in order to payoff the most expensive loans first
  • Professional client service representatives available to assist you along the way
  • User friendly website enables you to monitor your accounts and transactions at your convenience, day or night

Reduce your stress...let the PriorityPay Plus® Plan provide YOU with an easier, safer, more convenient way to handle your obligations and set YOU on your path to financial freedom!