Important information

Important PriorityPay Plus® Information

Enrolling in the PriorityPay Plus® Auto Pay Budget Payment Plan can help put you firmly in control of your monthly budget!

PriorityPay Plus® has helped to save millions of dollars for people across America.

Client satisfaction is our number one goal, therefore, we want to ensure you understand the key features of the Plan:

  1. Log in to our Account Manager application at in order to manage your:
    • Contacts – Personal and banking information for yourself and those associated with your loans or payees
    • Loans and Payees – Adding, removing and modifying your loan or payee information
    • Funding – Determining your debiting schedules and keeping your account in balance
  2. Once in Account Manager, please review the information you have submitted and check back often to update as needed. Important information to update is:
    • Payment changes on any of your loans or regular monthly payments
    • Shortages in your account due to missed debits or insufficient funds in your bank account
    • Loan balances from your statements
    • Lender address changes
    • Addition of or changes to your Power Pay Plus™ Funds
  3. PriorityPay Plus® is an automated monthly budget payment program that allows you to take control of your monthly budget and direct your payments based upon your preferences and individual cash flow.
  4. It may take several weeks for Metropolitan Commercial Bank (“MCB”) to set up the automatic transfer system that will allow MCB to debit funds from your bank account and forward such funds to your Lender or Payee. You need to make sure that you have sufficient funds in your Designated Account to allow MCB to make all payments as set forth in your Plan Agreement. MCB can only begin making monthly payments to your Lenders or Payees when MCB has collected sufficient funds from your Designated Account sufficient to make a full monthly payment to such Lenders or Payees on your behalf. Furthermore, if one or more of your Loans or Bills become due and payable BEFORE MCB has collected sufficient funds to make a payment to the applicable Lenders or Payees for such Loans or Bills on your behalf, you are solely responsible for making any and all payments on any such Loans or Bills until such time as MCB is able to start making payments on your behalf under the Plan.
  5. It is imperative that you update any changes to your Loan or Bill information at Lenders and Billers will not notify PriorityPay Plus® regarding changes to your account. They will contact you directly. Your timely updates will ensure our ability to accurately service your account.
  6. Biweekly Debit Schedules withdraw funds from your Designated Account every two weeks. Once the funds have cleared, your payments are sent to your Lenders/Payees monthly based on their due dates. MCB debits your account Biweekly (every 2 weeks) in order to generate an extra payment over the course of the year, which is then sent to the applicable Lender or Payee to be applied against principal.
  7. Weekly, Monthly and Twice-Monthly Debit Schedules are also available should you want to match your debits with your pay periods.
  8. Your bank may reflect your Debit on the day before it is scheduled to be drafted, however, this is only an entry. The funds are not withdrawn from your Designated Account until the scheduled Debit Date.
  9. Should you desire to Skip a Debit, you must notify us at least two days prior to the Debit Date. Thereafter, debits can no longer be stopped in advance.
  10. Debits which would occur on Holidays are withdrawn from your Designated Account the following business day.
  11. Payments are sent electronically whenever possible, otherwise they are sent via U.S. Mail. All payments are tracked to ensure proper posting.
  12. The PriorityPay Plus® Rolldown Program applies payments against your highest interest debt first. Once that debt is paid off, future monthly payments are applied against the highest interest loan in the line-up. This rolldown continues until all debts are paid off or you cancel the Plan.
  13. Principal payments can be verified upon your request and a conference call with you and your Lender will be initiated to verify that a principal payment has been properly posted.
  14. Your savings and benefits may change over time due to a number of factors. Please refer to your customer Agreement and Terms and Conditions.
  15. If you currently have auto draft with any of your Lenders or Payees, you must cancel that service prior to your first Debit Date from your account to ensure that you are not debited simultaneously by both companies.
  16. Should you enroll a credit card and later add new charges to that card, you must go to the website and enter your new balance and minimum monthly payment and then contact us to change your Debit Schedule to add the funds necessary to make the proper payment.
  17. The inability for MCB to collect sufficient funds with which to make all required payments may result in membership termination until arrangements are made to restore balance to your PriorityPay Plus® account.
  18. The full PriorityPay Plus® deferred application fee is a one-time charge that provides lifetime membership in the Plan.

Welcome to PriorityPay Plus®. Please visit us often at to update account information, check your account balance, make various changes and provide additional information as desired. We look forward to putting you on the path to financial freedom!